Ji-Sun Kim, Ph.D.(CS'13)

HCI in VR research engineer; Hybrid Software Engineer; Data Science Enthusiast

Improvement of the UX, including resolving motion sickness (a.k.a. cybersickness), in Virtual Reality, Development of new gestures using wearable devices, Machine Learning for Data Science and Analytics (including data processing and visualization), User behavior analysis, Relationships and synergy between human perception, action, and cognition, Experimental Psychology, GIS data mapping and transformation

A new research question came out regarding motion sickness (cybersickness) mitigation,

"Cybersickness (Motion Sickness) occurs when the brain receives conflicting sensory information from our body, inner ears, and eyes [Reason 1975]. What if the conflict is more about action and perception rather than conflicting sensory information such as sequential muscle or joint specific motor commands and visual perception?"

This research question came from my previous study and you can find the background of this research question in my TOCHI paper here and at my presentation. Please contact me via linkedin if you're interested in.

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