MOOCs (Coursera and Udacity)

Specialization in Machine Learning (on-going) - since 2016

Other courses related to data analysis, data science, statistics - since 2016

Courses taken at Virginia Tech

Usability Engineering - Spring 2012 (CS5714, by Dr. Rex Hartson)

  • In-class activities to improve UX of a conceptual system, "SmartFridge" : Hands-on learning of UX flow -- contextual inquiry, conextual analysis, extracting requirements, making design-informing models, design thinking, ideation, building mockup, and sketching, generating mental models, prototyping by using wireframes and user evaluation.
  • Practical course team project to improve UX of the management system of Lowe's: Hands-on experience of the UX flow

3D Interaction - Fall2004 (CS6724, by Dr. Doug A. Bowman)

  • In-class activities: Paper-discussion, discussion-lead, implementation of existing 3D interaction techniques, hands-on experiences through a 7-person course project (preparation of IRB, design of user study including questionnaire, tasks, virtual worlds and impelementation of 3D interaction techniques, formative user study and summative user study)
  • Output: A conference paper (link)

Information Visualization - Fall2007 (CS5764, by Dr. Chris North)   

  • In-class activities: Understand "Mantra" of Information Visualization, solve the problem used in the VAST2006 contest (IEEE VAST 2006) and a course project (2-person) to develop a Java-based visualization tool to support Group Decision Making for solving the problem.
  • Output: A visualization tool (.wmv)

Embodied Interaction (CS6724, by Dr. Francis Quek)  Unpublished paper

Computer Vision (CS5984, by Dr. Francis Quek)

Human Information Processing (ISE5604, by Dr. Tonya L. Smith-Jackson)

Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CS5734, by Dr. Denis Gracanin, Dr. Shwan Bowner and Dr. Mohamed Eltoweissy)   Unpublished paper

Statistics in Research I (STAT5615)

Information Storage and Retrieval (CS5604, Dr. Edward A. Fox)

Programming Languages (CS5314, by Dr. Denis Gracnain)

Software Engineering (CS5704)

Object-Oriented Programming in Java (CS5044)

Wireless Network & Mobile System (CS4984)

Network Architecture and Protocols (CS5565)